Wednesday, April 23, 2014

All Things New

Welcome reader(s) to what I hope will become a consistent blog- although if past attempts prove future intentions this is unlikely.
I re-amped my blog in the hopes of sharing my thoughts, recipes, frugal tips, and mostly to keep inventory of things I need to remember. I also hope in a small way to leave readers encouraged. Maybe it's the much anticipated spring weather, or the celebration of Easter- both bringing renewal, hope of new life, and looking toward the future.

Who am I ? Let me first say this is something I am discovering daily myself, not in things I like, do, or excel in, but simply in my faith in Jesus Christ. See, it's taken me a long time to realize that apart from Him, I am nothing. Without Him, nothing I do means anything. He is teaching me humbleness, meekness, to trust, to listen, to live not for myself....and OH BOY is there ever a learning curve with me.

I cannot put into words the peace that comes with no longer living for myself- the constant striving and struggle of feeling like I had to figure things out, that my life was somehow in my control. To now know that God holds my every moment, my failures and my successes, and that nothing will touch me apart from God allowing it to happen is peace. Of course, I still struggle with control, with surrender, and with obedience- and I always will, but by God's grace He is leading me every day and I pray continually for the grace to listen, obey, and follow.

I am delighted to share with you along the way.

        K enya

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